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Thorold business printing shirts to raise money for Niagara Health

'Our Heroes'-campaign is thanking everyone working on the barricades of COVID-19

Forget the band tees - this spring Niagara residents can show support for frontline workers through a limited edition t-shirt that is raising money for personal protective equipment.

Surrounded by logos representing restaurant workers, EMS, firefighters and others on the barricades of the pandemic, the slogan ‘Our Heroes’ aims to put a spotlight on the hard work taking place every day despite the crisis.

Every t-shirt sells for $20, with $15 going straight to Niagara Health Foundation to raise money for masks, garments and other medical equipment.

Behind the idea is a duo of local businessmen wanting to make a difference.

“You can really tell that everyone is doing their best. In our day and age the workers that are still on the job are our heroes,” said Santino Perri of Thorold ad firm

Impact Promotions who, together with Joe Mannella from Heart of Niagara Hotels in St Catharines has set up the new t-shirt operation out of his Thorold shop.

“There is no profit coming out of this for us. We are simply covering the production costs, and are not including the work done. It’s just two friends coming together to do something positive for the community.”

So far, the limited edition shirts have been flying off the shelves by the hundreds.

To order, go to this link.