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Christmas in perspective

This week Rev. Ken MacQuarrie looks at the stress and joy of Christmas
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“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” – John 1:5

I read a funny note on Facebook a week before Christmas.  It read: “Next week has been exhausting!”

I had a good laugh about that because it’s true.  Even before the celebration of the holidays arrives, the preparations can be overwhelming.  The fatigue is real.  A lot of people complain about Christmas.  There is so much energy, effort and resource put into it that some would prefer to hide away from it all rather than enter into the rush of it.  But the thorough preparations for Christmas remind us of the importance of what we are celebrating. 

Many important things demand much of us.  I remember, preparing for the birth of our eldest, thinking, “How can such a tiny baby require so much stuff?”  Families take a year or even more to prepare for weddings.  Many people study for years to enter into professions that bring life, healing and prosperity to our society.  Many important things take much preparation.

If Christmas is a struggled season for you, take heart.  Know that the one who has come to us in the newborn King prepared to serve and bless, at great cost, that we might know the fullness of the gift of his presence.  If Christmas is a lonely season for you, seek out community - call a family member or visit a neighbour.  If Christmas is a tiring rush for you – think about what tradition or obligation you might purposefully and gently let go of to experience the fullness of the season.

May God’s light shine brightly in and through you this holiday season. Merry Christmas.

Rev. Ken MacQuarrie

About the Author: Rev. Ken MacQuarrie

Rev. Ken MacQuarrie is the minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 24 Clairmont Street
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