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Help me to listen

This week, Clint Sears argues that efforts to listen more make a good New Year's resolution
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Well, it's that time again when we see the year come to a close and a new one begin. Many of us will reflect on what has come to pass and may or may not look forward to 2020. Sounds like a downer, I’m sure, but for some folks their reality has not been so rosy.  

We realize that we are not immune to suffering to some degree in our lives. To one, it may be financial issues or loss of a loved one. To another, it may be persecution for one’s faith or loneliness. It’s a shame and I will be the first to admit that I don’t particularly pay as much attention to another’s suffering as I do with my own. This is slowly changing as we now have a Nigerian man living with us sharing his amazing story of resilience. Each day we are privy to an amazing story that should be published. 

Having this young man living with us has helped shift focus a bit in paying attention to others in less fortunate situations.I am not diminishing each of our trials and tribulatiosn but am just saying it’s refreshing to bend an ear to someone else going through this journey we call life. Sometimes it’s just about taking the time to listen. 

Of course, when we search scripture, we see Jesus as our example of a compassionate listener. He took the time to stop and listen to people’s issues and comforted them with a word, a touch or a payer.
The other day I was talking with a man and it appeared as though we were having a conversation but in reality he was not engaged at all. Purposely I walked away mid-sentence, which he didn’t even realize. The point I was proving more to myself, is do I truly listen?

We read in John 10:27 that sheep listen to my voice.

I hear His voice whispering for me to practise listening as my New Year’s resolution.

Clint Sears

About the Author: Clint Sears

Pastor Clint Sears holds service once a month at the Port Robinson Community Centre
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