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OPINION: It's time to get tough on guttersnipes

Vandalism continually costs everyone, so why not spend some funds on monitoring and apprehension?

Just like the swallows at Capistrano, the loons have returned to Thorold.

Once again, we are inundated with the sight of graffiti around the city from stiffs who have zero respect for anyone or anything else.

For victims of graffiti, it's important to cover the stuff as soon as possible. The vandals actually think people want to see their scribbles so removing it quickly deflates their delinquent egos. 

There are millions of outlets for those feeling inclined to create art, but these buffoons insist on thrusting their paint-spaying skills on the properties of others.

And when we’re talking about “skills,” we mean the bare minimum. These thoughtless derelicts seem to be barely able to point the can in the right direction. 

It’s bad enough we put up with these spay can hacks; Thorold apparently is home to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to defacers.

The graffiti in this city looks like it was created by four-year-olds. Maybe that’s why it’s on private and public buildings and windows - at least their pea-sized brains have figured out their work on canvas would just be a waste of material.

Some genuine graffiti artists are invited to create on private property. Our group wouldn't be welcome at a junior kindergarten finger-painting session.

We have always argued that when it comes to littering and graffiti, the penalties should be as severe as possible. These are deliberate acts perpetrated by thoughtless individuals, for which we all pay.

Deliberate acts deserve maximum punishment. The most basic precept of living in a society is respecting your neighbours. These vandals cannot grasp this simple obligation.

It’s about time to make a serious effort to apprehend, educate and punish spray can reprobates.