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So long, for now

Does anyone have the number for CARP?
Bob Liddycoat / Thorold News

It seems like yesterday when Cathy and I rebooted the Thorold News in 2018 after 36 newspapers closed in Ontario including a Thorold edition. 

Then, a year ago we joined with the fastest growing news organization in Canada - Village Media. The partnership was a great one as we were allowed to focus on local news while the head office handled ads and increasing the readership. When it looked like local news was a thing of the past, Village filled a great void by restoring, and growing, that important aspect of every community.

And now we’ve reached the next chapter as we are handing the reigns over to two new writers and we give retirement life a try.

It’s been great working with the “new” Thorold as signs of revitalization are everywhere. New homes, new businesses and new community groups that are making great strides in improving life for Thorold residents. History, music, cycling and the famed Welland Canal still draw attention to Thorold from residents and visitors alike.

Social Media has added a dimension to the news that didn’t exist when the original Thorold News bowed out. It’s been a mixed blessing. Instant communication around the world from person to person is now an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, some people are constantly negative. Avoid those people.

We will miss the dynamic, forward thinking people who have driven this city into the future. But we will also be around to help to promote those efforts and contribute feature articles. It will be the best of both worlds - drawing inspiration from those positive forces in the community.

The Thorold News will continue and, undoubtedly, grow. We invite everyone to keep in touch with new writers - Ludvig Drevfjall ([email protected]), a third generation journalist, and veteran Niagara reporter Gloria Katch ([email protected]).

We will say so long for now, but look forward to new adventures coming in 2020.