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Tour some of the iconic filming locations from beloved Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek

Goodwood, Ontario is a picturesque town just outside Toronto that is home to five key set locations

If you’re still holding a candle for the much-beloved Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek, despite the fact that it’s multiple-Emmy-winning six-season run ended in April of 2020, you’re not alone. Many of us still feel quite fondly for the characters and the charming town they inhabited.

Goodwood, Ontario is home to several iconic filming locations that appeared in the show, so why not plan a day trip to visit a few of your favourites? Just under an hour’s drive from Toronto, this tiny hamlet is set among the rolling hills of the township of Uxbridge, so you’re also guaranteed some beautiful countryside scenery along the way.

Showrunner Daniel Levy told reporters that the team chose Goodwood for multiple reasons. It has a timelessness, quaintness and warmth, and was a one-intersection town.

According to the most recent census, Goodwood has a population of just 663 residents, though members of the fictional Rose family, sadly, do not count among them. You can still visit their former haunts, however, and soak up the atmosphere of this village.

For years, fans would flock to the quiet hamlet to get a glimpse of the actors and watch the filming. Several of the show’s major landmarks conveniently sit opposite one another at the main intersection: including the diner Café Tropical, the Rose Apothecary general store and Bob’s Garage auto shop. Just down the street is the Schitt’s Creek Town Hall.

Here are the top Schitt’s Creek filming locations in Goodwood diehard fans of the show should see:

Café Tropical


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Located on the corner of Front Street and Highway 47, and pretty much the only place to eat in Schitt’s Creek, this establishment was run by character Twyla Sands on the show, who was known for her “moderately edible food”. The building is now a private residence.

Rose Apothecary


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“It’s a general store, but it’s also a very specific store,” said character David Rose of Rose Apothecary, located at 299 Durham Regional Highway 47. On the show, he runs the general store with his business partner, Patrick Brewer, and it was the place to go for high-end luxuries, including lotions, fancy creams, expensive cheese, bath bombs—and toilet plungers.

Bob’s Garage


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This building is one of the town’s main attractions. In the show, mechanic Bob Currie could fix or sell any broken-down vehicle. The space also served, briefly, as Johnny Rose’s office.

The Schitt’s Creek Town Hall

The Town Hall is a few blocks away from the main intersection and next to the railway tracks. It hosted town meetings in the show, as well as a number of notable events, including rehearsals and a big wedding. In real life, the building is home to Goodwood’s Lions Club.

The Schitt House

Mayor Roland Schitt (and his wife Jocelyn’s) house


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The fictional town’s mayor’s home is also located just a few blocks away from the main intersection.

There’s a reason this comedy series set a new record for the most Emmy wins (9!) in a single season. Share in a part of that magic with a trip to the town itself.

Please note that many of these buildings are privately owned, so fans will only be able to take photos of the exteriors. Be mindful to avoid trespassing on private property and capture any images quickly and from a distance; this will go a long way towards respecting the town’s full-time residents.

Any visit to Goodwood would not be complete without stopping in at Annina’s Bakeshop. The staff provided countless meals to the crew during the filming of the show and it is the place to go for tasty treats.