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Rexall Pharmacy in Thorold introduces new services to cater to the Community's Health and Wellness Needs

Newly renovated store is located in the Pine Plaza

Rexall Pharmacy, a trusted local health and wellness hub, is proud to announce the grand reopening of its newly renovated store in Pine Plaza. With a century of experience caring for Canadians, Rexall is committed to providing exceptional services and ensuring the well-being of the Thorold community.

As part of the renovations, Rexall has expanded its range of services to meet its customers' needs better. One significant addition is the ability of local pharmacists to prescribe and care for several minor illnesses. This service empowers community members to seek professional advice and treatment within their neighborhood pharmacy conveniently.

"I became a pharmacist to interact and communicate with people regarding their health concerns", said Sara Kamran, Pharmacy Manager at Rexall Thorold.

The first question people ask while going to the pharmacy is how their pharmacist can help with a minor illness. Rexall pharmacists have the knowledge and education necessary to assess and address a variety of common ailments. Whether it's a cough, cold, seasonal allergies, urinary tract infections, or other minor conditions, a pharmacist can provide guidance, recommend over-the-counter medications, and even prescribe necessary treatments.

One of the key advantages of seeking care from a pharmacist at Rexall Thorold is the convenience it offers.

Unlike traditional medical clinics or doctor's offices, no appointment is necessary to see a pharmacist. You can walk into the store during operating hours and receive personalized attention from a healthcare professional who understands your unique health concerns.

Rexall Thorold takes pride in being the community's best health and wellness partner. The newly renovated store reflects the commitment to providing a modern and welcoming environment where customers can feel comfortable seeking advice and purchasing healthcare products. The pharmacy team at Rexall is dedicated to creating a supportive atmosphere that fosters open communication and trust.

Furthermore, Rexall recognizes the diversity within the Thorold community and is determined to offer inclusive and accessible healthcare services. Rexall proudly offers medical translation services as part of their new services, allowing them to provide care in over 240 languages. This ensures that language barriers do not hinder individuals from receiving the care and support they need.

Whether you seek expert advice, over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, or health-related products, Rexall Pharmacy in Thorold's Pine Plaza is ready to serve you.

Visit the newly renovated Rexall store in Pine Plaza today and experience the exceptional care their knowledgeable and dedicated pharmacists provide. Discover why Rexall Thorold is the trusted health and wellness partner for the Thorold community.

For more information, please visit the Rexall website or contact the store at (905) 227-0707.