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Need to sell your home quickly?

When an Ontario homeowner faces the requirement to sell their home, there are few options available.

In as little as a week to 10 days, an Ontario homeowner will be able to sell their condo, house or even cottage to an interested homebuyer for cash without investing out of pocket. 

The Niagara region is such a beautiful region to explore and an equally attractive area in which to call home. With properties of any description on the market and a relaxed and easy lifestyle to raise a family, owning a property in Thorold and the surrounding area is a good investment.

Offering outdoor activities ranging from hiking trails to walks along the famous Niagara Falls means families can enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle. With a population of 18,800 as of the 2016 census, Thorold continues to be a sought-after place to call home.

Need to sell your home quickly?

Ontario homeowners take pride in their homes. Often it requires years of saving and sacrificing to build up the necessary down payment to invest in a home and years of carefully budgeting to reliably cover any housing and monthly mortgage costs.

Despite the general tendency and overall desire to hold on to what is often considered by many Ontarians as their primary asset, life has a way of causing financing detours. If these detours put sufficient strain on household budgets, then it may be time to look at options that may bring cash quickly to solve immediate financial needs.

When an Ontario homeowner needs to sell their home quickly, approaching a well-experienced and established cash homebuyer may be the right answer. 

What does a cash home buyer need?

Fortunately, the process of selling your home quickly for cash is straightforward. There is little that a cash home buyer will need in order to complete the deal. In general, you will need to supply:

A cash home buyer will be studying any appraisal of your property based on a thorough inspection. He/she will be also comparing your property to those in your surrounding neighborhood and using these comparables to come up with a fair market value offer minus a discount. 

Why will an Ontario homeowner be facing a discount? 

This can be answered simply by the condition that your property is currently in. Unlike a real estate agent who will go through your property that lists any renovations and fixes that may need doing before listing your property, a cash home buyer will buy your house, condo, or cottage “as is.” 

There will be no requirement to fix up your property to ensure that it is ready for multiple showings to interested homebuyers.

Pros of selling your home through an Ontario homebuyer for cash

Selling quickly

When time dictates immediate decisions, looking into selling your home to an interested cash home buyer is a logical option. The process is wrapped up considerably faster than through traditional channels – usually under 10 days is the normal timeframe.

Selling with certainty

Whenever you list your property and try to sell it on the open market there are never any guarantees. Questions remain as to when your house will be sold, to whom, and at what eventually negotiated price. With a cash home buyer, your house or condo will be sold without uncertainties at a price you will be aware of.

Selling with minimum investment

Saving time listing your property and also the often-expensive measure of fixing up and staging your property is another distinct advantage to working with an interested cash home buyer.

What are the cons?

Some cash home buyers may not be as experienced as others

There are various cash home buyers in the province. To avoid any unnecessary pitfalls, like anything in life it is important to do your due diligence and make sure that a cash home buyer is experienced and has a solid reputation behind them before enlisting their services. Mortgage Broker Store has a very good reputation in the realm of buying homes for cash and can either negotiate directly or direct you to a reputable cash home buyer that will suit your immediate financial picture.

You will not be able to sell to full market value

Selling your house to a cash buyer will guarantee that your house is sold, it will sell slightly below market value because you are selling your home without any fixes or renovations.

When time is of the essence and with anything in life, whether selling through a cash home buyer is the right decision for you depends largely on the financial circumstances that you may find yourself in coupled with the overall urgency to sell your home quickly.

Selling your home through a cash home buyer has definite advantages including the minimal costs involved, then certainly in the process and the ease in which it is carried out.

If you research cash home buyers close to you then it could be a very viable option. Mortgage Broker Store can help by either negotiating a cash home sale directly or directing an interested Thorold homeowner to a reliable and experienced cash home buyer in the Niagara region.