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How to pick the right soundbar for your TV

Get the best sound with help from Thomas TV

Television manufacturers are doing their best to develop televisions that are thinner, lighter, and more spectacular when it comes to screen resolution and clarity. Unfortunately, the quality of sound in these high-def television has not kept pace. To truly maximize the value of your television you may need to invest in an appropriate external sound bar, this according to Tyler Thomas of Welland’s Thomas TV.

“A sound bar is a speaker system that provides good quality audio without taking up much space compared to a traditional surround sound speaker system,” explained Thomas. “They are meant primarily as an upgrade to your television’s sound system.”

According to Thomas, most of the best sound bars can connect with a single HDMI EARC cable, while others can connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With some television sets, the sound bar will replace the TV speakers for sound playback while others augment the sound of the TV. For example, some Samsung TVs speakers are used to add more channels of sound Using Q-symphony.

“The Samsung Q-Symphony TV and Soundbar is orchestrated to be in perfect harmony for immersive audio,” said Thomas. “Some may add wireless rear speakers and a wireless sub like the Samsung HW-Q990C. With 11.1.4 channels of sound plus the TVs speakers through Q-Symphony, this will provide all-channel optimized sound through both the TV and soundbar allowing sound to come from the front, side, and up-firing speakers for maximum acoustic immersion. Having it professionally installed and calibrated will ensure you get the full potential!”

Some television buyers may question the reason they have to buy a soundbar when purchasing a new TV. Thomas offers this explanation:

“The new TV’s have a very tight border surrounding the picture, sometimes only milometers. This gives them a very picture forward look that everyone likes. The only problem with a thin TV is there is not much room left for a speaker system. In a lot of locations where TV’s are now being wall mounted or it is difficult to add a traditional home theatre sound system because of space limitations, you still want to have great sound. Adding a sound bar to your new TV will give you a convincing home theatre experience.”

Picking the right sound bar depends on many factors, including the size of the room in which your TV will be placed.

“Room size is very important as sound bars are limited in output thanks to their compact size,” said Thomas. “If you have a large room, you will want at least a subwoofer/ This helps to keep the sound balanced and sounding full. When it comes to the amount of sound, this depends on the effect you prefer. If you just want better sound, a good quality soundbar like the Yamaha SRB 20 is excellent for smaller rooms. If you would like a more cinematic sound, you will want a sound bar that includes additional components, like a subwoofer or rear speakers . This adds the extra bass for explosive cinematic effects, action films, and the bass needed for dynamic music.”

Wires used to be a major problem with surround sound systems. For most of the brands of sound bars available at Thomas TV, the external subwoofer and/or rear speakers included are wireless so there are no extra cables. Soundbars can also be part of a multi-room audio system using small wireless speakers wherever you would like to have sound throughout your house even outdoor.

“Some may prefer the sound bar to all but disappear in the room, said Thomas. “For those buyers, the Samsung ultra slim sound bar is only the depth and height of a golf ball and packed with True 3.1.2 channels of surround sound with Dolby Atmos. “At Thomas TV we have many options to choose from and listen to. Our expert staff can help you pick the perfect one for your space.”

Thomas said all soundbars have limits. If you have extra equipment like a cable box, streaming device or game consoles computer or other devices, you may need more inputs and outputs then available on a sound bar. You may have a very large room and just need more power to fill it. In this case, Thomas said manufacturers make high power passive sound bars that connect to an A/V receiver. These can really add to creating the surround sound experience. These are used for large rooms or where more inputs or processing is needed for good theatre sound.

Come in and discover the variety of soundbars and sound systems available today. Visit Thomas TV at 130 Thorold Road West in Welland. Or connect online here.