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Thorold needs you

One of the largest undertakings of its kind, this group needs every single citizen of Thorold who is concerned with making this a better city, to get involved.
Do you volunteer? Do you need volunteers? Are you involved in the community in any way? Then One Thorold wants to hear from you.

If you or your group is involved in community activities in Thorold in any capacity, One Thorold wants to hear from you.

Perhaps for the first time in history, a concerted effort is underway to create the ultimate inventory of organizations and services that either provide help, or need help from citizens in Thorold. The name 'One Thorold' was adopted at their February meeting.

At their breakfast meeting Tuesday, the group, which consists of representatives from city hall, local churches, community organizations and Thorold business people who have joined forces as a team for the municipality’s greater good, decided upon their first steps as an organization.

Rev. Ken MacQuarrie asked the group," What are the key areas that you see as of crucial importance to our starting out?"

From that, the group felt that first, creating an inventory of programs and services, and secondly, developing a better understanding of all needs in the city, are the crucial first steps.

So if you're involved with poverty initiatives, children's sports or programs, mental health, school support programs, transportation, healthy lifestyles, recreation, life skills, seniors' issues, personal finance - virtually anything that either provides or requires support from the community - One Thorold wants you to provide them with a brief description of what you do and your contact information.

At the meeting, Rev. James McKnight volunteered to begin compiling the ultimate Thorold database of community support. It is hoped that this database can then be used by the group to direct people to the proper agency to meet their needs. Even if your organization is very well-known and well-connected, One Thorold wants to hear from you.

Through their first three meetings, the group has identified lofty goals that range from improving transportation and communication between the city and its various agencies to helping its youth, poverty-stricken, and other marginalized sectors, as well as working toward welcoming new Thorold residents, responding to changing demographics as the city grows, and many others.

In order to achieve these, all the right partners have to be at the table, whatever the situation, and duplication of services must be minimized.

Thorold's Tourism Agent, and group member, Susan Morin agreed, saying, “If I’m going to be a resource for someone, I need to know what’s out there. We need to gather those resources to direct people to the right place for help."

Anyone involved in the community through an organization or as a volunteer is asked to send the information to:

Bob Liddycoat

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