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Thorold music artist signs with media giant

Cameron Philip reflects on a year of musical triumphs

It’s been a year of triumphs for K-pop artist Cameron Philip.

On Sept. 20 Philip, the 22-year-old musician from Thorold, captured his second straight hip hop artist of the year award at the Niagara Music Awards. And he added an engineer of the year award for good measure.

At the time he was riding a wave of popularity through social media. He had 105,000 followers on YouTube.

Since then, he has exploded with subscribers around the world. In fact that number grew by 2,000 over the past week alone and now totals 310,000 followers for his original material, K-pop covers and English dubs. 

And the popularity did not go unnoticed. Last week he signed with Studio71, a global leader in branding and merchandising on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. It also boasts 1,300 global channels and 7 billion monthly views on YouTube.

With the contract, Philip joins an elite group of Studio71 collaborators including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Philip was producing and performing under the name Boococky for the past two years, but has dropped the stage name for his collaboration with Studio71.

He was also making a very good living through his own efforts featured on YouTube. But Philip is certain that through their connections he will see growth in exposure and that will be even more lucrative for him.

“Studio71 had found me through a new video series on my channel. They liked my content and they recently branched out into Canada and were looking for new Canadian talent. So when they found I was in Canada, they asked if I wanted to sign with them,” he explained.

In that series, Philip dubbed K-pop (Korean popular) music into English and it garnered millions of views.

“I always wanted a manager to help, so now I have one, so that’s cool,” Philip told ThoroldNews.

The contract is a two-year one, in which his new managers handle all the business aspects, branding, merchandising, and ad revenue through YouTube.

“They offer more money through separate ad revenue and connections to get brand deals and get you verified on Instagram, Twitter and other social media,” he added.

He explained that Studio71 provides an overseeing manager in Los Angeles and a personal manager stationed in Toronto.

Philip said he has a new album coming out in January. 

“I still do some K-pop remixes about once month or so, but my last album was all original and the new one has 13 all original songs,” he explained.

He said he’s been working on the album all year and spends at least a couple hours a day writing or working on music.

“The music part is the easiest. I try to balance making videos for my YouTube channel but usually I have to push myself for that because I have more fun writing,” he shared.

Writing and producing and editing videos involves a great deal of work and Philip does most of it himself. 

“I do basically everything. But I have my friend Lucas Gentilcore help me with the camera work,” he said.

The young musician says he will stay on this track and promises even more music for 2019.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @CAM3R0NPH1L1P and on his YouTube channel here.