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Thorold City Council commits to turf field in Rolling Meadows

But they've also decided to reopen negotiations with the DSBN concerning the sale of the lower half of McMillan Park
A City Hall graphic of what the turf field could like in Rolling Meadows.

Thorold City Council is moving forward with their plans for a new turf field and they’ve chosen Rolling Meadows as the ideal location.

As ThoroldToday reported, Thorold Secondary School (TSS) wants to buy the lower half of McMillan Park, so that the DSBN can build an artificial turf field. But City Hall is hesitant to sell the land and they’re looking to install a turf field of their own somewhere in the city.

During last night’s council meeting, council finally decided how to proceed with the project.

Janice Sargeant, who is the principal at TSS, gave another presentation asking council to sell the lower half of McMillan Park to the DSBN — but some councillors still have questions about the proposal.

Even though the DSBN would pay to install and maintain the field, Councillor Jim Handley believes the taxpayer would still be on the hook for the relocation of the splash pad and playground that is currently located in the park.

“I live in the area and I talked to the residents,” he said. “The majority of residents weren’t in favour of us selling the field and eliminating the use of the playground or splash pad equipment. It’s not only addressing the needs of the students, but we also have to address the needs of the residents.”

Councillor Nella Dekker suggested the possibility of the DSBN paying for the relocation of the splash pad and playground.

“I’m just hoping perhaps that could be a conversation when you do speak with the right people at the city and the DSBN could see what the cost could be to move that equipment if you purchase the field,” she said.

Sargeant said there’s only been a preliminary design of what a turf field in the lower half of McMillan Park could look like, but the feasibility and specifics of the project still need to be hammered out.

City Hall also put together a report identifying possible locations for a turf field in Thorold, and they’ve identified Rolling Meadows as the ideal spot because of its size, accessibility and parking options.

“I fully support this location on the land we own,” said Councillor Ken Sentance. “I would like to go forward with that and continue to investigate the school board buying [the lower half of McMillan Park].”

In the end, council unanimously voted to have City Hall staff prepare a pre-design, budget preparation, and public engagement concerning a turf field in Rolling Meadows.

Council also decided to reenter negotiations with the DSBN for the sale of the lower half of McMillan Park, so that the school board can possibly build a turf field of their own.

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