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Thorold Auto Parts & Recyclers welcome families for Earth Day celebrations

Annual Earth Day event at Thorold firm continues to grow in popularity.

Every day is Earth Day at Thorold Auto Parts and Recyclers (TAP).

The Thorold firm is famous for its state-of-the-art auto part reclamation and recycling programs.

In 2018 the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) presented the Environmental Leadership Award to Thorold Auto Parts owner Frank Serravalle. At the time Serravalle told the ThoroldNews, "People see the example we're trying to set and they get to know it. There are so many in our industry who are not doing it, but we make proactive decisions to ensure we’re environmentally friendly."

And he enjoys having the family day, when kids and parents can take part in fun activities at what he calls the "Imagination Station," which includes painting bird houses built by TAP staff, face painting, wagon rides, refreshments and watching the car crusher in action.

The number of birdhouses handed out this year were double that of last year. Serravalle's staff and family strive to make sure the guests have fun while thinking about conservation and the environment.

Serravalle has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in environmentally friendly equipment and practices that go well beyond those mandated by the government. Owners of similar operations from around the world have toured the Thorold facility for ideas and inspiration.

When TAP won the Environmental Leadership Award, Serravalle noted, "It's not always about turning a profit. Sometimes it's about doing the right thing as recyclers."

And when it comes to environmental education, Serravalle and his team continue to strive to do the right thing.