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Proof-of-payment blitz launched by Niagara Transit

All passengers must carry valid proof that they have paid and should have it handy in case they are required to show it, transit agency says
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Niagara Region Transit says it is undertaking a proof-of-payment blitz in an effort to reduce fare evasion. 

Beginning today, all passengers travelling on Niagara Region Transit must carry valid proof-of-payment and should have it handy in case they are required to show it, the transit service said in a news release.

Valid fare includes: 

• An NRT fare card loaded with a valid pass or transfer 

• A valid ticket/transfer 

• A student card with a valid U-Pass 

• Prepaid fares 

• Mobile tickets/transfers 

When getting on a bus, any riders paying in cash should ask for a transfer as proof-of-payment, the transit agency said.

“Niagara Region Transit is working hard to create a sense of integrity and fairness to our fare system," transit system general manager Carla Stout said. 

"We recognize that to balance the safety of our operators and passengers while meeting the transportation needs of our community is a complex issue. We look forward to continuing our work at the staff level, and in conjunction with Community Services to ensure transit across Niagara is safe and accessible to everyone.” 

Niagara Region Transit added that it has partnered with Niagara Region Community Services to introduce NRT Cares, a program dedicated to providing 2-ride transit tickets to people in need of community services.

The mandate of this initiative is to ensure that people who are unable to pay for a transit trip due to financial hardship can get to the appointments and social services they need. 

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