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Mental health information and smart growth

This week's topics are wide-ranging for Active Transportation enthusiasts
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Resource: Mental Health and Well-being - Considerations for the Built Environment

This resources is an evidence-informed document which compiles and describes the strongest research findings that emerged from a semi-systematic literature review. Identified planning solutions are based on academic sources and informed by a panel of professional advisors representing community planning and health perspectives. Mental health and well-being implications are organized around five features of the built environment established in the Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit. Find the document here.


Smart Growth America: Safety Demonstration Project

Check out these case studies about safety demonstration projects in Durham, North Carolina, Huntsville, Alabama, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that led to safer street design through community engagement and placemaking efforts.


Professional Development: Health and Climate Change - Inspiring collective action for a healthier future, A public health challenge and opportunity

Nov. 13, Toronto

What’s at stake for individual and community health in the face of a changing climate? How can we work collaboratively across sectors to protect human health? Check out the OPHA 2019 Fall Forum to learn about the latest evidence and hear from a range of experts bringing attention to this critical public health issue. Together, we aim to foster multi-sectoral collaboration and leadership in the area of health and climate change, increase the profile of climate change as a public health issue and inform practice for climate response through community and public health interventions. Find out more here.