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ICYMI: Why people are flocking to Thorold

ThoroldToday hits the streets to figure out why Thorold is the eighth-fastest growing municipality in Canada; ‘It’s away from the hassle and it’s more quiet and nice’
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Good Morning, Thorold!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: A version of article was originally published by ThoroldToday on September 6.

Thorold is the eighth-fastest growing municipality in Canada, with young families flocking to newer developments, such as Rolling Meadows and Empire Communities. 

But what motivates people to settle down in Thorold? What is it they are looking for?

“It’s away from the hassle and it’s more quiet and nice,” says Asish Marediya, who has been living in Rolling Meadows for almost two years. “The main thing about this area that I like is that it’s central to Niagara Falls and St. Catharines.”

Many families who settle in Thorold come from bigger metropolitan areas such as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

“Mississauga is too costly, rushed, congested and busy,” Farrukh Massod tells ThoroldToday of the place he used to live.

When his son got accepted to Brock University, it was a chance for Massod and his wife Samrina to move to Thorold, where they found cheaper rent and better business opportunities. The couple has been living here for over a year and they have not regretted their decision once.

“I can’t say anything bad about Niagara,” Samrina says.

Kamilla Stret and her family have lived in Confederation Heights for eight years and she says what she likes most about living in Thorold are the “green areas so the air quality feels better than in a bigger city.”

“There’s lots of attractions for kids so it’s good for families,” adds the former Mississauga resident. “You can also buy quality local foods in the summer.” 

What Stret would like to see improved is the driving behaviour of the students in her neighbourhood. She often sees students drive over the speed limit, making her worry about her young children who play outside. 

Confederation Heights, specifically the area along Winterberry Boulevard, is known for its large student population, and sometimes it can be difficult for residents and students to live together in harmony

Ben — who declined to give his last name — is a student at Brock University and he tells ThoroldToday that sometimes it does get loud with all the partying, but his household always tries to be mindful of the noise level.

He says he likes living in Thorold and the only thing he would change is the frequency of the regional transit. 

“In the summertime, transit isn’t as accessible,” Ben says. “Like, today I got back from Toronto and I couldn't take the bus to my house. I would have to take a bus in the complete opposite direction and loop back around and take three separate busses.”

When he is able to drive though, he likes that “you can drive from one end of the city to the other end in 15 minutes because it reminds you of that small town feeling.”