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Deadline looming for public input into pot stores

The city reminds Thorold citizens that they have until January 1 to fill out an online survey
Thorold residents may soon be shopping for pot at local retail stores.

Citizens of the City of Thorold have until next Tuesday to have their say in whether they believe retail cannabis stores should be allowed inside the city limits or not.

The province of Ontario has set a deadline for all municipalities of Jan. 22 for them to opt-out of allowing the newly-legal industry.

Council will debate the issue at their Jan. 15 meeting in order to get their decision before the provincial deadline. They have asked the public to go online and fill out a survey before Jan. 1 to guide them in this process.

Earlier this month Thorold CAO Manoj Dilwaria told the ThoroldNews, "“It’s a big decision for us and people are on different sides. There are opinions and counter opinions. At least this way all those concerns will be highlighted up front. We hope Thorold citizens go on the website and provide their opinion."

The survey is not a vote but Dilwaria says it will provide a sense of how the city feels and why they feel that way. He hopes it will also provide ideas that may be new to council and staff.

To have your say visit the city website and fill out the questionnaire: