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City to put on weekly farmers' market this summer

Councillors have set aside $25,000 in the city budget for the project; 'After the money we spent on Beaverdams Park, the opportunity is there'
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Thorold is getting a farmers' market this summer, as councillors have set aside $25,000 in the city budget for the project.

The idea of a Thorold farmers' market has been kicking around for a few years now, but it was Councillor Tim O’Hare who reintroduced the project during Wednesday’s budget deliberations.

“It’s part of our strategic plan to have vibrant, inclusive neighbourhoods,” he told fellow councillors. “I really strong believe that it is a community bonding activity.”

Councillors were enthusiastic about the idea, but some had questions about scheduling.

“It’s competing with the other communities for a day when we can get good vendors,” said Councillor Carmen DeRose. “I think it’s very competitive but it’s long-awaited.”

Councillor Jim Handley pointed to Battle of Beaverdams Park as a possible location.

“After the money we spent on Beaverdams Park, the opportunity is there,” he said. “We got electricity now, we got washrooms, we got a parking lot, we got a playground — It will fit in perfectly.”

Mayor Terry Ugulini floated the idea of possibly holding the market on a Wednesday.

“I know the Thorold Reed Band plays every Wednesday night in the park,” he said. “That might be a catalyst to do it a Wednesday market. It’s always nice to have it tied to something else we have going on.”

While the project was originally introduced into the budget at $16,000, councillors decided to bring it up to $25,000.

“It’s going to be a big commitment,” said Councillor Mike De Divitiis. “We can’t give it up after a couple of weeks so I would like to see a little bit more money put there so we can follow it through all summer long.”

Councillor Henry D’Angela said the extra money would allow the city to hire someone to take care of the event so there would be no impact on City Hall operations, and with that city council approved the summer farmers' market.

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