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City of Thorold has a plan to restore bulldozed frog pond

An ecologist hired by the city has put together an action plan to save what is left of the protected frog pond on Decew Road and Richmond Street

Could the bulldozed frog pond be saved? According to a new City Hall report, a restorative ecologist hired by the city has put together an action plan and work is underway to save what is left of the fragile ecosystem.

As first reported by ThoroldToday in February, a developer sent in heavy machinery—with the city’s permission—and decimated the protected frog pond on the corner of Decew Road and Richmond Street.

After a city council presentation on March 8 by the environmental group ‘Friends of the Richmond Street Forest,’ councillors unanimously vowed to hire a wetland ecologist to reinstate the pond to its former glory.

Just a few weeks ago, the ‘Friends’ group rang the alarm bell because nothing has been done and time is running out for the remaining frogs.

Now, a plan has finally been put in place and restoration of the frog pond could start as soon as this week.

According to the City Hall report, the plan is to apply a coarse mulch layer of about six inches to one foot deep around the perimeter of the pond, to provide protection for the frogs in their current state.

The plan also suggests cutting tree branches and placing them over top to create some kind of canopy to slow down water loss. There would be no machinery involved with the process.

The report, which is to go before City Council tonight, highlights the time sensitivity of the issue and implies that the work has to be initiated sooner rather than later, but no exact timeline is provided.

A complete City Hall report on the matter is to be finalized by July 12.

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