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City looking into vandalism at Port Robinson Park

City Hall is taking action after receiving several complaints from concerned residents; 'They’re having issues with young kids at night drinking in the park and breaking bottles'
Port Robinson Park
Port Robinson Park has seen a recent string of acts of vandalism.

After receiving several calls from concerned residents, City Hall has decided to do something about the recent reports of vandalism at Port Robinson Park.

“I think there’s more than a few things going on there,” said Councillor Carmen DeRose, as he introduced the issue at Tuesday’s city council meeting. “They’re having issues with young kids at night drinking in the park and breaking bottles. They’re asking to see if there could be more police presence or even by-law presence because they’re drinking in the park illegally and causing damage.”

A suggestion was made by Councillor Jim Handley to install cameras at the park. But the director of public works and community services, Geoff Holman, said there are other things City Hall can do to deal with the issue more efficiently.

“I think what the residents are looking for here is something quick,” Holman told councillors. “Those things that we can deal with right away that are already in the works or can be accommodated from our operating budget we’ll implement ourselves. Those things that might need additional capital dollars, we’ll be happy to bring back a report that outlines what the cost might be of those things and how they are going to be monitored to the benefit of the community.”

City council unanimously voted to have City Hall deal with the issue and write up a report on the matter.