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City exploring municipal road adoptions

The city is exploring the implementation of a municipal Adopt-A-Road program; 'It gets people involved in doing something good for the city'
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In an effort to make Thorold look more beautiful, City Hall is exploring the implementation of a municipal Adopt-A-Road program.

Adopt-A-Road programs aim to get community organizations and groups to adopt certain stretches of road that they then commit to cleaning at least twice a year, in an effort to create a more beautiful environment.

The idea was brought forward by councillor Anthony Longo at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“I’ve been talking to a few different community groups in a few different areas in the city,” councillor Longo told fellow councillors. “I’d like to be able to help beautify our city.”

A few councillors chimed in to share their positive experiences with past Adopt-A-Road programs.

“When I worked at the bank here in Thorold we adopted Sullivan Avenue, from Tupper [Drive] all the way down to Lock 7,” Councillor Nella Dekker told council members. “We were really proud that we were able to do that twice a year. I think it’s a great program. It gets people involved in doing something good for the city.”

The city will come back with a report on the matter at a later date.

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