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CHAR starts work on pyrolysis facility in Thorold South

CHAR Technologies has begun work on its new facility at the Thorold Multimodal Hub; CEO says company 'doing everything we can' to address people's concerns

CHAR Technologies has started work on its new pyrolysis facility in Thorold South.

“We’re pretty excited to be joining the community and to be operating out of the Multimodal Hub which has so many great advantages to it,” says the company’s CEO, Andrew White, in an interview with ThoroldToday.

As ThoroldToday has previously reported, CHAR Technologies is building a pyrolysis facility at the Thorold Multimodal Hub. Pyrolysis is a heating process that converts discarded wood into renewable natural gas and bio-carbons, in an effort to provide other industries with a cleaner energy source.

CHAR Technologies currently has a facility in London, Ont. that it will move over to Thorold so it can be expanded.

“Ideally we’re moving mid-to-late October, providing all the building upgrades and stuff is sorted out,” says White. “The current plant once it’s moved will produce about 1,000 tons per year of bio-carbon. The expansion will produce about 10,000 tons a year. That will be part of phase two.”

There has been some concern among local residents that pyrolysis is a form of incineration. But White says that anyone with questions is free to reach out.

“I think we’re certainly doing everything we can to answer the questions,” he says. “Hopefully in the coming months we can do another [public information session]. We always welcome that type of opportunity to make sure [residents] understand what we’re doing.”

White is excited for the future of his company and hopes that anyone who is still hesitatant about the benefits of pyrolysis will come around.

“There is such an opportunity to build a project like ours that really can have a measurable impact on reducing overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” says White. “I know the development group at the hub is actively courting other climate-related GHG reduction technology. I think it’s a really cool opportunity to redevelop the site and for the community to be focused on this type of climate-beneficial technology.”

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