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LETTER: Artificial turf field at McMillan Park is 'tantamount to paving it over'

'McMillan park is one of the few green spaces left in central Thorold,' writes Thorold resident

ThoroldToday received the following letter about council deliberations in regard to a turf field suggested for McMillan Park

In a recent report on council deliberations, it was suggested that a "turf field" might be slated for McMillan Park. I would point out that McMillan Park currently has a turf field. What is suggested is an artificial turf field.

I would further point out that, as the topic is being discussed at Thorold City Council, several professional sports players' associations, including the NFL in the US, have petitioned for a return to natural turf fields to reduce the risk of injuries associated with playing on artificial turf.

As McMillan park is one of the few green spaces left in central Thorold, putting an artificial turf field in there is tantamount to paving it over.

Just saying...

John Hamilton