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Trinity United Church Thorold

Trinity is a very friendly, welcoming church. Many of our newest members had been searching for a church home before deciding on Trinity. Our warm welcome was the deciding factor for them.

The beautiful sanctuary is surrounded by stained glass windows and has a wide centre 
aisle making it ideal for weddings. The sanctuary, including the balcony and choir loft, can seat about 250 people.

Our organ is a 3-manual Woodstock that includes a solo manual. It has approximately 2000 pipes and is maintained by Dodington & Dodington.

Every year is a new challenge at Trinity whether it be painting, roofing, replacing the 
flooring or having all our stained glass windows in the church repaired as they were about to crumble (and we did this is record time). We are a church that rises to every challenge.

We changed from Session & Stewards/Official Board to a Church Council and we are working on making this work more efficiently. Our committees are as follows: 
Christian Education, Communications, Finance, Membership, Ministry & Personnel, Worship, Property, Outreach & Social Action, with representatives from Trinity Trustees, Beaverdams Church Trustees, Presbytery, Cave Springs Camp and Trinity UCW.

We have an extremely productive UCW with 2 hard working units and a Social Club.

Our Sunday School is growing slowly; we have about 10-20 children each Sunday. We are hoping to attract some of the many Brock students who live in our community. 
We are an extremely active congregation, averaging about 100 people every Sunday. 
Although some are older, everyone contributes what they can, and we are alway looking 
for and welcoming more people to our pews. We work and play well together and though our younger members are few, everyone co-operates in the fundraising. Our fundraising includes several luncheons a year, craft sales, rummage sales, a flea market, several dances and a large annual congregational auction which is our major fundraiser.

We have coffee hour every Sunday after church, and we try to get people to welcome visitors/new members-other than those in their own little friendship circles.

Our congregation is diverse and multi-generational, with many older folk.