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REMEMBER THIS? What Thorold's town officials looked like in 1940

Here is the gang that kept Thorold running as World War II was raging across the Atlantic welcomes your historic submissions that we feature online weekly under our headline 'Remember This?'. Do you have a story, a photo or document that tell a story of Thorold's past? Email [email protected].

Flanked by the town's former chief of police, Paul T. Boyd and a couple of his  constables as well as Thorolds then-fire chief Frank Eikins, the 1940 edition of Thorold town council can be seen in this photograph that was lurking in the basement of resident Laurie Fast.

The group of officials are seated outside then vine-clad exterior of the municipal offices on what appears to be a sunny day in 1940 - as World War II was heating up across the Atlantic. Despite the global turmoil, the group still had to collect taxes, ensure law and order, and make sure fire hydrants were unobstructed.

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