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Adopt Me! Tucker the cat is a big cuddler – which matches his size

Hallie the dog isn't aware she is too big to be a lap dog, but tries anyhow
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Tucker, left, is a BIG cuddler, both physically and in spirit. Hallie, a recent Niagara resident who moved from Louisiana isn't aware that she is too big to be a lap dog. Photo: LCHS

ThoroldToday features adoptable pets via Lincoln County Humane society weekly. For any inquiries about these adoptable friends, reach out to LCHS directly.

This week we would like to feature Tucker and Hallie!

Tucker needs a bit of socialization but generally this guy has the potential to be your BFF once he gets to know you. Tucker is a cuddler with a bit of catitude to keep life interesting! He’s a big guy who would love a window to look out of and toys to chase.

Careful to make sure that Tucker doesn’t march right out your front door as this boy is quite confident and was used to coming and going in his previous home. Experience with reading subtle cat body language is an asset to ensure that Tucker has an easier time getting used to his new home and forming a positive bond with his new people!

Hallie came to us from Louisiana.

She is such a happy and goofy girl that has stolen the hearts of our staff and volunteers. Hallie is shy at first but warms up quite fast and shows lots of love to people she recognizes. Hallie will need a lot of time to run and express her energy.

She likes to do zoomies around the yard. Hallie is unaware of her size. She will often try to sit on people’s laps and give cuddles. Hallie is very dominant with other dogs Introductions to new dogs will need to be slow and supervised. Dog parks are not ideal for this sweet girl. Her new adopter(s) will need to be committed to her ongoing training. As she is still young she needs to work on her manners and leash etiquette.

Hallie's new family will need to have a fully fenced yard and no small children, cats, or dogs. Hallie girl can’t wait to meet her new family and will make an awesome new addition!