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Adopt Me! Sylvester still thinks he's a kitten

This weeks adoptable friends from LCHS are in!
Bear and Sylvester

ThoroldToday features adoptable pets via Lincoln County Humane society weekly. For any inquiries about these adoptable friends, reach out to LCHS directly.

Bear is a very sweet GSD who is quite sad/depressed when he first entered the shelter environment.  He is slowly coming along and will engage with people especially if they have a ball.  Bear would do best with breed experienced adopters.  

Bear's perfect home has a secured fenced yard at 6ft, no kids under 16 and no dogs as he will toy guard with other animals.


Sylvester is a young cat who still thinks he's a kitten. He found himself back at the shelter after showing some aggression at home. He's not feral and won't attack for no reason, but he hasn't yet learned appropriate ways to seek out attention or play nicely. He is a friendly, playful, and curious boy who needs consistency so he can learn what is expected of him and settle into life as a beloved family pet. Sylvester seems interested in the cats around him but we're not sure how he would do in a home with other pets. He's hoping to find a loving forever home very soon!

Sylvester would benefit from moving into foster care while he waits to find his forever home. Please email [email protected] if interested in fostering Sylvester.

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