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Adopt Me: Mary is an attention-loving feline

This week's adoptable friend from LCHS is in!

Every week, ThoroldToday features adoptable pets via Lincoln County Humane Society. For any inquiries about these adoptable friends, reach out to LCHS directly.

Mary - Female - Domestic Shorthair - 3 years old
ID # 49917684

Mary loves attention from her foster mom. But she's still really scared, so right now pets take place while Mary is in her safe space. She's happy to come out for treats but will quickly retreat back to her hiding spot. Her foster mom is a top-notch socializer so we have no doubt that in time Mary will learn that we just want to love her and make her feel safe.

If you can continue to provide the kind of security and coaching that Mary needs to flourish, seeing her learning to trust and be more confident will be all the reward you need. She has lived with other cats before.