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Adopt Me! Koda and Hot Pocket are ready to receive affection

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Hot Pocket, on the left, is not quite in control of his ears, but wants attention. Koda, on the right, is in search of someone who understands the need of a senior dog.

ThoroldToday features adoptable pets via Lincoln County Humane society weekly. for any inquiries about these adoptable friends, reach out to LCHS directly.

This week we would like to feature Koda and Hot Pocket!

Koda is a lovely senior who is looking for a great bed to nap in and some good ol' belly rubs.  This guy is pretty easy to hang out with and is not very demanding at all.  All this sweet boy wants is someone who loves older dogs and understands their needs.  

Koda's new family will need to have a fully fenced yard and no kids under 14 years old, no other male dogs and cats.


Hot pocket is a fan favorite. He is a bit socially awkward and isn't sure what being a pet is all about. He does like attention and is very affectionate as long as you don't startle him by moving too fast. Hot pocket's body language is a bit odd. He will have his ears flat against his head and look angry but be purring and wanting pets at the same time. Once he trusts you he will head butt you and let you pick him up for cuddles. Hot pocket is our favorite awkward boy and we hope someone falls in love with him as much as we have.

Hot pocket would do best as the only cat in his new home.