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Phone scammer strikes in Niagara; NRPS

The victim made a payment in Bitcoin and lost approximately $600
phone scam fraud
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In July of 2021 a member of the public in Niagara was contacted over the phone by a scammer. The call began with an automated message stating there was an issue with their social insurance number. When the victim stayed on the line the scammer falsely identified themselves as an officer. 

The victim believed this to be a real call and attended a local convenience store at the direction of the scammer. The victim made a payment in Bitcoin to prevent their “arrest”.

The victim lost approximately $600.

The victim reported to the Niagara Regional Police that his caller ID when the scammer called, displayed the Niagara Regional Police Service non emergent administration number (905-688-4111).

Law enforcement agencies will not contact you via an automated call and then demand payment in Bitcoin, cash or gift cards.

If you are unsure of the validity of the caller ask for their details (badge / ID number, full name and incident number) and then follow up on your own. Search the internet and find an official website with contact information.

Spoofing is a fraud technique that scammers sometimes use.  Electronically, the scammer can hide their real phone number and display whatever phone number they choose.

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