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Ministry to inspect Niagara Regional Police

The Ministry of the Solicitor General conducts inspections to 'determine compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements set out in the Police Services Act'
2021-04-05 Niagara Regional Police cruiser
Niagara Regional Police Service file photo

At its July 27, 2023 meeting, the Niagara Police Services Board received notice from the Ministry of the Solicitor General about an upcoming inspection of the Niagara Regional Police Service with regards to Public Order Maintenance.   

Inspections are conducted by the Ministry of the Solicitor General to determine compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements set out in the Police Services Act. This inspection is part of the regular program conducted by the Ministry and all Ontario municipal police services and the Ontario Provincial Police will be inspected. 

"We welcome the Ministry's inspection as part of the ongoing partnership with the Province to ensure the Police Service maintains the highest level of policing available to the residents of Niagara," says Board Chair Jen Lawson.  

Chief of Police Bryan MacCulloch said, “We are governed by the Police Services Act and the Adequacy Standards articulated within the Act. The inspection process is an important part of ensuring that the Service fulfills its responsibility of meeting or exceeding those standards in order that the NRPS can best serve our communities.”   

When completed, findings reports are provided to the Board with a copy to the Chief of Police.  Any requests for copies of the completed inspection reports should be directed to the Board. Inspection reports are subject to applicable Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation. 

The provincial government introduced the Police Adequacy and Effectiveness Standards Regulation under the Police Services Act, Ontario Regulation 3/99 that came into force on Jan. 1, 2001.  Its primary goal is to establish minimum mandatory standards for Boards and Police Services to meet.