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Welland launches program expanding access to menstrual products

Pilot program begins today until the end of the year, providing menstrual products in several municipal washrooms to those in need
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WELLAND - The City of Welland's access to menstrual products pilot program begins today and continues for the remainder of the calendar year. 

This vital initiative promotes accessibility and inclusivity within our community, and a select number of municipal washrooms within Welland will provide menstrual products to individuals in need. In addition, staff will review and recommend expansion, if necessary, at the end of the year. 

"We recognize that menstrual hygiene products are essential for maintaining personal well-being and dignity," said Amanda Degazio, manager of business and community services. "By making menstrual products available, we aim to ensure everyone has access to the necessary resources for their menstrual health."

Availability of menstrual products at the following washrooms as a pilot program for the remainder of 2023 include:  

  • City Hall (Main Floor and Library washrooms)  
  • Welland Farmers Market  
  • Welland Community Centre  
  • Welland International Flatwater Centre  
  • Maple Park Washroom facility  
  • Cooks Mills Park 

City staff will regularly restock these washrooms to ensure an adequate product supply is always available. By breaking down barriers to access, we strive to empower individuals to participate fully in public life without worrying about the financial burden of menstrual products.

If anyone encounters issues with the availability or condition of products in municipal washrooms, please call 905-735-1700 x3000 so the matter can be addressed promptly.

Residents are encouraged to spread the word about this initiative, ensuring that those who can benefit from this program know its availability. Together, the City of Welland and the community can create a supportive and compassionate environment where everyone's needs are considered.