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We are excited to introduce you to ThoroldToday!

We now have a new name but will still be providing the same up-to-the-minute Thorold news you have come to rely on

You may have already noticed we look a little different today.

We now have a brand new name and fancy new logo and are excited about our official launch as

While we may have a new name, everything else will remain the same.

We will still be providing the same reliable, up-to-the-minute Thorold news you have come to rely on. 

For the past year, a big focus of our coverage has been the local impact of the pandemic on our region. 

While keeping the community informed on the rapidly changing situation and sharing the frequent updates from our Public Health officials, we still strive to be the voice of the community and participate in highlighting the local people, places, past and current events that matter. 

The story of Thorold's oldest barber who began working in a shop in Italy as a young boy before moving to Canada, the promising young athlete bound for a career in the U.S, and the recent controversy in city hall surrounding a city councillor and the ensuing investigation are all stories that have engaged our readers lately.

We look forward to sharing more of the news and information that impacts our community.

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Thanks for reading. We are honoured to deliver your news each day. We hope you enjoy our new look!