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Wanted: Care packages for Canadian troops

To Canadian troops stationed in Africa, something as simple as packs of hot chocolate and hygiene products can bring a great deal of comfort.
Canadian soldier. Stock Photo

During the war years, shoe box care packages were made up and sent to troops overseas, and history repeats itself as the Thorold Legion Ladies Auxiliary and their sister branch in Merritton pair up to stockpile special items for 80 Canadian soldiers who are serving in Africa.

Merritton Legion Branch 138 member Joanne Duquette is a member of the forces stationed in Petawawa, and it’s her squardron that the packages will be sent to, Jeanie Soper told ThoroldNews.

Soper, who’s on the Thorold Legion executive, has put a plea out to Thorold residents to bring any of the following “favourites of soldiers who have received them” to the Thorold branch. Anyone donating items is urged to stick to the list, as the guidelines are very strict.

Under the personal care category, the most requested items are: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, soap, razors, shave cream, Q-tips, cotton balls, lotion, hand sanitizer, body powder, Chap Stick, sun block, nail care kit, baby wipes, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, body wipes, foot powder, feminine hygiene products, combs, brushes, hair ties, elastics, anti-itch products—such as Gold Bond, Odor Eaters, bandages, wash cloths (crocheted ones preferred as they last longer), After bite pen, lozenges, cough drops, and Tums.

Soldiers’ favourite foods include those that require simply adding water, such as: KoolAid mix (pre-sweetened), Gatorade powder, Mio, Crystal Light, hot chocolate, instant coffee, cream packets, sugar packets, instant oatmeal, tea bags, mac and cheese in a cup, Ravioli or spaghetti in a cup, hot cider, and Cup of Soup.

Requested snack items include: energy bars, protein bars, granola and cereal bars, Chex mix, trail mix, Cheesies, fruit snacks (like Fruit Rollups) and other dried fruit, beef jerky, peanut butter and jelly packs (no glass), cookie packs, Pop Tarts, Rice Krispie treats, cheese and cracker packs, nuts, sunflower seeds in packs, gum in blister packs, hard candies, Jolly Ranchers, mints, Lifesavers, Werthers, boxed cereal, and Canadian snacks such as maple candies or “anything reminding them of home.”

Canadian pins, small flags, and stickers also help make Canada seem closer for the soldiers, and Lest we forget bracelets, along with notes of encouragement, and pictures of the individuals or groups sending the items, are always appreciated.

Flash lights and batteries, puzzle books and word search books, cards, games, paper, pens, pencils, journals, hand-held games, mini fans, envelopes and Ziploc bags round out the list.

Anyone donating requested items is asked to drop them off at the Thorold Legion, 3 Ormond Street South, by June 30, 2019.




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