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Trillium Grant helps 'light up' Niagara Cricket Club

Weekend event celebrated 'Lights up' project, which aimed to improve the club’s field lighting and extend playing hours after sunset

The cricket club based in Ontario held an event recognition session on Sunday, Sept. 18, at 6 p.m. to celebrate the club’s “Lights up” project, which was possible through a Trillium grant.

The Niagara Cricket Club, historically known and operated as The St. Catharines Cricket Club, has been established in Niagara Region with a history dating as far back as the 1800s. The Trillium grant was used to set up the “Lights Up NCC” project geared towards improving the club’s field lighting to extend the playing hours past sunset. According to a club statement, the project, which started in May this summer, was completed to its expectations on Sept. 4. NCC club will now host an event recognition day to celebrate and acknowledge the support provided by Trillium and to officially launch the “Lights ON” session.

The growth of this game in the Niagara Region during the last three+ years is a direct result of hundreds of cricketers moving from GTA. Niagara College & Brock U also attract thousands of South Asian students (cricket-loving nations) who reside in the Niagara Region. With the tremendous growth of the sport of cricket, it made it quite difficult for the NCC board to accommodate and provide games and practice sessions during available daytime hours before sunset to all players and multiple teams. Local district league and Niagara T20 also experienced growth, with dozens of new teams starting in 2020. Just like growth in soccer and baseball fields requiring lights to extend playing time after sunset play, the NCC board felt the same urgency of requirement in cricket to keep up with players and league demands while keeping the future in mind. Sports Stats clearly indicate that cricket is now the fastest-growing sport in Canada.

It was a major undertaking for the club, which took over nine months to plan and produce products and services from the most experienced and reputable contractors in the sports field lights industry. Hydro One, the local utility company, worked diligently with Buz Bolt Electric contractor to upgrade power at the ground. Stresscrete Ltd. provided the four concrete poles and 12 cross arms. Weinman Electric, a company specializing in sports lights, did the execution of the project for underground conduits & cabling, breaker panels, installations of 72 Romesco LED lights fixtures, erection of the poles and final aiming & testing of controls.

The lights around the club’s grounds are major advancement for the Niagara Cricket Center, which places it among the best places to play cricket in North America. This is no small feat for us, and it goes to show our commitment to improving the Niagara Cricket Center and establishing the club further. On the recognition day event, provincial member of parliament Jeff Burch and local city Mayor Terry Ugulini will be in attendance to witness the “Lights On NCC “ session.

Niagara is now ready to play cricket after dark with a facility which is now being considered by Cricket Ontario as one of the best in Canada to host both local and national scale events.

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