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Thorold Jr B Blackhawks puts out call for volunteers

The team is looking for volunteers to help them out during their upcoming season at the Port Colborne Vale Centre; 'If someone’s a hockey fan it’s a good way to stay involved'

The Thorold Jr B Blackhawks might be moving to Port Colborne for their upcoming season, but that doesn’t mean they’re not looking for Thorold volunteers.

The hockey team has put out a call looking for people to help out during games at the Port Colborne Vale Health and Wellness Centre.

“It’s just game day stuff,” says game day support staff member Alex Rotundo, in an interview with ThoroldToday. “Watching the doors, selling merchandise, ticket taking, selling programs, that kind of stuff.”

The search for volunteers has nothing to do with the team's move to Port Colborne, as the Blackhawks are always looking for people to help out during games.

“A lot of times we pull from Brock students,” says Rotundo. “Especially students in the sports management program want to help out. I don’t know how much we’ll be affected by playing so far away from Brock this year.”

Rotundo, who is in charge of music and announcements during games, says that volunteering for the team can be a really valuable experience.

“It’s a fun way to spend an evening,” he says. “This year it’s going to be a bit more of a commitment with games on weekend but if you’re someone who enjoys hockey it’s a good way to get involved with the games.”

Does the move to Port Colborne mean that the team will be losing any support staff?

“I’m not sure to be honest,” says Rotundo. “I’ve heard from a few people that they aren’t sure yet. I feel that once the team is back in Thorold in the following season, I’m sure everyone will be back at that point.”

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Blackhawks, you can reach out to Assistant General Manager Joshua Lemire.

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