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Thorold Jr. B Blackhawks itching to get back on the ice

'Hopefully we can get back. I want to see the boys play,' says an assistant coach to the team
2019-02-14 BlackHawks DY 6
The Blackhawks back in 2019. Doug Youmans / ThoroldToday

With new pandemic restrictions the Thorold Jr. B Blackhawks have been forced to put their hockey season on hiatus until further notice, leaving the residents of Thorold without Monday night hockey.

“I certainly miss it," says Alex Rotundo, game day support staff for the team. 

"It’s definitely different not being able to go to the arena for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully we can get back soon."

“Unfortunately with the arena closed we can’t do much practice wise,” adds assistant coach Doug Grant.

“It’s unfortunately an all too familiar thing these days with restrictions being what they are," says Rotundo, adding, "Players have had long period of times without practice. It’s still going to be a bit of an adjustment to come back.”

Grant says he’s keeping his fingers crossed that the team will be able to resume their season soon.

“Hopefully we can get back. I want to see the boys play. I feel bad for the 20-year-olds that are unable to play right now in their final season as junior. So I hope we’re able to go back and we can finish off the season. There’s a lot of questions right now. As far as I know we’ll have more information soon, but everybody is waiting.”

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