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St Catharines Junk Removal company shares its scariest finds in time for the spooky season

With Halloween around the corner, workers have been making some unsettling discoveries during removal jobs

A local junk removal company says they have unearthed some disturbing items in time for the spooky season.

Now JustJunk, a St. Catharines-based business is sharing some of its more uncanny finds that workers have come across in the line of duty recently.

A Human Skeleton. We call him “Boney”. We picked him up from a doctor’s office. Over 200 years old, the skeleton originated from India and was prepared for medical schools, shipped over to the UK before it made it to Canada and we picked it up.

TheMeow-mmy”. Imagine the fright: You’re clearing out an attic when you suddenly find a mummified cat. How did that get there? To this day, this ranks as one of the strangest things that our team has found.

Dollsso many dolls. If you’ve seen enough movies, rooms full of old dolls can be extremely creepy. Now imagine all those dolls were from 1894, there are 400 of them, and they’re all made with real human hair. Our team had the courage to go in and remove them, despite feeling like they were in a horror movie.

Old bombs may not be as “scary” in the Halloween sense, but they’re just as terrifying if you don’t know just how active they are. We’ve found a few old WWII shells in the past, each time ensuring with the bomb-squad that things we’re a-okay, but that didn’t help the fear that even a nudge might set things off.

Animals! Not live, of course, but finding animals like a prickly blowfish that have had a date with the taxidermist can be terrifying if you don’t expect it. An interesting hobby, for sure. No one our team was ready for when they saw it.

JustJunk said it is encouraging as much recycling as possible during removals.