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Police are investigating reports of a man following women in Thorold neighbourhood

Detectives aware of at least one reported incident, NRPS tells ThoroldToday

Niagara Regional Police Service say they have received reports of a man following women in a Thorold neighbourhood – and that anyone who feels they are being followed should call police or the emergency line immediately.

Police confirmed to that detectives from the 1 District detective office have been investigating at least one incident in the area of McDonagh Crescent, right off Richmond Street in Thorold, but did not comment on details surrounding the matter.

A post on social media that has circulated in local groups over the past week suggests that multiple instances of a man following women out walking after dark have been reported in the suburban area, that has a large student population.

“These females are usually walking home from work or walking their dogs. A male then always appears from the opposite direction. He then proceeds to turn around and follow them, if the female changes directions, the male follows,” stated a post on Niagara411, a popular Facebook page in the region that publishes reports on emegency- and police matters.

“When the females try to hide or take cover, he waits and then continues to follow.”

Police did not provide a description to, but said that anyone who feels like they are being followed should keep these steps in mind:

  • Call NRPS at 905-688-4111 or in an emergency 911
  • Call a friend or family member
  • Go to a near by business or residence and seek shelter
  • Stay in public locations that are highly visible
  • Seek help from a bystander
  • Stay in well-lit areas, consider the time of the day
  • Consider taking a partner along for jogs or walks