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Niagara Region Economic Development launches Ambassador Program

Niagara Economic Development wants local business and community partners to help spread the word about the region’s economic vitality, and promote Niagara as a desirable place to invest.
Ambassador Program

This week, Niagara Economic Development at the Niagara Region officially launched the Niagara Ambassador program. This program aims to generate excitement and positive conversations about the region’s business climate and investment opportunities by encouraging people to share success stories.

While the Niagara Ambassador Program is primarily focused on business, it is open to anyone who wants to participate, with a few different options to get involved:

Digital Ambassadors will receive business and economic news and information on Niagara 2-3 times per month that can be easily shared on social media;
Business Ambassadors will be contacted if there are opportunities to meet with business investors from similar businesses or industries; and
Businesses that want to share their experiences on why Niagara is a great place for business can opt to be profiled in upcoming marketing activity promoting business investment in Niagara

The launch of the Niagara Ambassador Program coincides with Economic Development Week (May 6-11) celebrations, which promote awareness of local economic development programs that generate jobs, advance career development opportunities, and aim to build vibrant communities.

"We know that business owners talk to each other. Word of mouth is consistently ranked highly in how businesses hear about opportunities, and how they perceive different locations. We want to give our community the opportunity to learn about the good news that’s happening in Niagara, and to share it more widely." ~ Valerie Kuhns, Acting Director of Economic Development

To learn more and sign up as a Niagara Ambassador, visit the website.