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Looking at bikes, buses and electric cars

Active transportation enthusiasts invited to participate in improving transportation around Niagara
Road congestion can be reduced through cycling. File photo

Public Transit: Have your say

Survey open from July 29-August 16

Niagara Region is conducting a public opinion survey on Niagara Region Transit and is looking to hear from you. Whether you use Niagara Region Transit every day, once in a while or not at all, you are invited to participate in this survey and have a hand in moving transit forward. Participate here.

Professional Development: Bike 2019 Video and Speaker Slides

The title of this presentation in Edmonton is Building an Inclusive Cycling City. In most North American cities, the people who bicycle regularly do not reflect our population as a whole. How do we get more women, people of diverse cultural backgrounds, kids, older adults, and people with mobility limitations cycling and using bikeshare?

This 40-minute presentation by Dr. Jennifer Dill (Portland State University) draws on evidence-based research and lessons from practice. See video and slides here.

Research: Electric Cars Don't Reduce Congestion But Bicycles Can, Argues U.K. Government-Funded Report

To combat climate change and improve quality of life, active travel modes should be given priority over car use, argues an academic report funded by the U.K. government. The Center for Research into Energy Demand Solutions calls on the government to devise strategies allowing people to have a good standard of living without needing cars. Read more here. 

Webinar/Professional Development: Getting the Green Light - Improving actuation and detection for cyclists & pedestrians (US)

August 21

Traffic signals often provide the most convenient and secure opportunity for bicyclists and pedestrians to navigate busy intersections and high-speed roadways. But signals are only effective if properly designed. Providing adequate detection, reliable actuation and proper phasing of signals can greatly improve bicycle and pedestrian access in a community. This webinar will examine current best practices for integrating detection, actuation and phasing for with active modes of transportation. Find out more here.