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Less than 100 new cases in Niagara today - but known active cases in Thorold are up

Death toll now 395 in Niagara, region's data shows
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Niagara's public health office reported 96 cases of COVID-19 on Monday.

It is the first time in a month that less than 100 cases were noted. This weekend, around 110 cases were noted each day.

While a decline in cases has been noted in recent weeks, the number of active cases in Niagara is at an all-time high, at 3,281 known cases.

Active cases in Thorold is now 188, which has been increasing in recent weeks.

The death toll has been adjusted to 395.

Niagara Health said 70 people are receiving care in the hospital of which 21 are in ICU.

Ontario reported just over 3,400 cases today and a decline in intensive care admissions for the second day in a row.