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Impact Promotions celebrates 15 years of lasting impressions

Santino Perri founded Impact Promotions fifteen years ago in an effort to help other businesses with their branding; 'We're humbled by the support we've received'

Last month, Impact Promotions on Front Street celebrated 15 years in business.

“We're humbled by the support we've received,” says owner Santino Perri, in an interview with ThoroldToday. “We help businesses look good. We make them stand out. My motto is: ‘The first impression is the best impression,’ so if we can help a client make their first impression the best then we did our job.”

Impact Promotions helps businesses with their branding and promotional materials.

“We help them from logo creation to full graphic design,” Perri says. “We start with the conception of the brand and from there we take it to business cards, brochures, vehicle magnets, decaling, signage, flags, lawn signs, websites—We’re a one-stop branding shop.”

The idea for Impact Promotions came to Perri when he was looking for a change in his life.

“I went to school for marketing and promotions,” he says. “15 years ago I wanted a career change and I decided to do something I enjoyed.”

After running Impact Promotions out of his home for a year, Perri opened up a shop on Front Street. Because his business kept growing and expanding he moved up and down the street a few times before finally settling in his current location.

Perri says that throughout the last fifteen years he has never wavered in his commitment to his clients.

“I work hard for my customers,” he says. “I'm hands-on. I’m not the type to sit back. I get my hands dirty. I'm a part in every aspect of the business.”

When helping a business brand themselves, Impact Promotions utilizes a multi-pronged approach.

“You need to have a lot of irons in the fire,” Perri says. “You have an iron for social media, you have an iron for your website, you can have an iron for networking groups, for print material, for signs and banners and your promotional materials. It has to be a combination of those. It can’t just be one thing that will increase your business. That’s why we offer the whole gamut. If you do everything we offer success will come.”

To serve his costumers best, Perri has to stay up to date on the latest marketing and technology ideas.

“We always stay abreast of what’s going on,” he says. “You got to continually learn in the marketing business. Design from five years ago to now has changed. Fonts change, colours change, campaigns change. It’s always evolving. If you don’t want to change don’t get into marketing.”

When Perri founded Impact Promotions social media wasn't as ubiquitous yet, but he says that other types of branding are still just as important today as they were back then.

“Social media talks about your business but you’re not really there,” Perri says. “You still need the part where you’re talking about your business. A lot of people forget that. If you rely simply on social media I don’t think you’ll get the same success. I think you need the combination of all the different marketing to increase the sales and your business.”

Perri hopes to keep Impact Promotions going for at least another 15 years.

“I just want to keep doing what we’re doing,” says Perri. “I want the satisfaction of a client coming back saying: ‘As soon as we tried what you suggested it worked.’ As long as I keep hearing that I’ll keep doing it.”

According to Perri, Impact Promotions has been so successful because of the close relationships he has cultivated over the years.

“We love what we do,” he says. “If I can help a costumer increase their business my job is done. The longer they stay in business the longer we stay in business. It’s about what we do together over a lifetime.”

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