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Forum strives to reshape attitudes, end stigma about aging

AGEWORKS hosts The Art of Aging Forum at Niagara College on June 26 and 27
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Physically weak. Past your sell-by date. Mentally slow. Technically challenged. Unfamiliar with social media. Totally focused on retirement.

These negative stereotypes are just some examples of "ageism," a type of discrimination that involves prejudice against a particular age group –especially older individuals.

But these attitudes on aging are beginning to change due to the fact that boomers – people between the ages of 55 and 75 – are now one of the largest, most influential and affluent demographic groups in Canada. And because of their sheer numbers, they are reshaping what it means to age. Because they are living longer and working longer, business professionals, academics and mindful consumers all need to learn how to better communicate with this age group to address its evolving needs.

To help them do so and to make a difference in reducing ageism attitudes and reshaping what it means to age, AGEWORKS: “The Art of Ageing Forum” – is being held on June 26 and 27 at Niagara College’s Welland campus.

The Forum will showcase a diverse assembly of thought leaders, organizations and individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds who are all passionate about the subject of positive aging. Their 12 intriguing and thought-provoking presentations will contain information and facts that will enlighten the audience about global trends, how aging is changing and redefining business and society, to a better understanding and fresh approach to the “New Old” as notions about retirement begin to change. Twelve dynamic speakers cover a wide range of topics from “Making Sense of a Longevity Economy” to “Your Future Reimagined,” and “Laugh Yourself Silly.”

AGEWORKS is a Canadian company that is committed to supporting the need to change the way society thinks about aging through education and debunking myths about older people. Its staff approached Niagara College to co-host the Forum because the College is a strong advocate for lifelong learning and supports many age-friendly initiatives.

“We are proud to be a part of AGEWORKS’ exemplary forum, filled with sessions bound to challenge the status quo, leave you invigorated, intrigued and no doubt with a different view of ageing,” said Carolyn Triemstra, Dean of Niagara College’s Community and Health Studies division and host of The Art of Aging Forum. “Niagara College is a strong advocate of lifelong learning, offering programs and services that support the needs of an aging population and welcoming more older and second career adults to our campuses. In fact, earlier this year, NC was announced as Canada’s first college to become a member of the Age-Friendly University Global Network, in recognition of the College’s commitment to aging, and my division has naturally supported many age-friendly initiatives through much of our course work and community partnerships.”

The Forum takes place at 100 Niagara College Blvd., Welland. Space is limited. Only 300 tickets will be available each day. For ticket information, visit

For those coming from out-of-town, discounted rooms are available at the Niagara College - Campus Residence and Conference Centre for $84.95 per night. The booking code is on the website.