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'Flying Fathers' to hit the ice in Thorold tomorrow

The group of hockey-playing priests will play against the Thorold Mounts to raise money for local charities; 'The game is going to be fun. People get pies in the face and stuff like that'

Tomorrow evening, the Flying Fathers, also know as the Harlem Globetrotters of Hockey, are hitting the ice of the Frank Doherty Arena, in an effort to raise money for those in need.

“It’s an organization that was started 50 years ago,” says former Thorold councillor John Kenny, who is helping organize the event. “It’s a group of priests that are like a comedy act. They do charity events and they asked us if we would do one in Thorold.”

The Flying Fathers will face off on the ice against the Thorold Mounts Old Timers.

“The game is going to be fun,” Kenny says. “People get pies in the face and stuff like that. They do a lot of stuff like our own Globetrotters do in basketball.”

A hundred per cent of the proceeds will go to those in need.

“We sold sponsorships in the program to cover the costs and our hockey team is paying for the ice,” Kenny says. “Every 10-dollar ticket we sell is going strictly to Community Care, Saint Vincent de Paul Food Bank, and the [Monsignor] Clancy Breakfast Club.”

Community Care is an organization that is near and dear to Kenny’s heart.

“We’ve been doing 70 food baskets every year for the last many years,” he says. “My mother started it. [She] passed away and me and my brothers and sisters continued it. When they asked us to do it, I said I’ll do it as long as we can put the money here.”

Even if they can’t make it, local residents are encouraged to support the event.

“If people can’t make the event and they would like to buy a ticket anyway, they can purchase tickets,” Kenny says. “We’re going to give some to the schools for the kids. They can maybe buy a ticket for a kid that can’t afford to go.”

Kenny says that is more important now than ever that people help those in need.

“Some of the people that got food baskets last year, five years ago they were donating to us,” he says. “Now they’re in need. You never know what life is going to bring you.”

The Flying Fathers hockey game will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 22, at the Frank Doherty Arena in downtown Thorold. The puck drops at 7:15 p.m.

Tickets are $10 and can be bought at the door, as well as by calling John Kenny at (905) 328-3359, Brian Weir at (905) 980-0764, or Jim Marino at (905) 735-0247 ext. 210.

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