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Niagara Biennial Design Awards

Niagara Biennial is a new, bi-annual design awards program that builds on the former Niagara Community Design Awards, which ran annually from 2005 to 2016. The new program celebrates the role of design toward the enhancement of our unique and diverse environments in Niagara. Submit your project online to the Niagara Biennial Design Awards program by Friday, Jan. 24 at noon. Find out more here.


School Streets Webinar
Close to 300 people registered for the School Streets Webinar, held in partnership with 8 80’s Cities and Hackney Borough CouncilSchool Streets is the practice of creating temporary traffic-free zones in front of schools during busy morning and afternoon bell times. To learn more listen to the webinar recording and this CBC Radio interview.


Free Course from Harvard University: The Health Effects of Climate Change

By looking at air quality, nutrition, infectious diseases, and human migration, this course will show you how increases in greenhouse gases impact public health. Experts working in a variety of settings will present their recommendations for responding to these challenges, and interested students will have the opportunity to learn about the research methods that measure the health effects of climate change.


Stats Canada Health Report: The association between walkable neighbourhoods and physical activity across the lifespan

Physical activity is positively associated with a wide range of physical, psychological, social and cognitive health outcomes in children, youth and adults. The most recent national statistics indicate that the majority of Canadians do not achieve the recommended levels of physical activity and that levels of physical activity have remained stable over the past decade. The need to increase levels of physical activity among the population has resulted in calls to identify features of the built environment that contribute positively to physical activity and health. Read more here.