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Creekview Floral goes all in for the local economy - and it seems to be working

Thorold Front Street florist is launching a monthly bouquet subscription with a focus on local flowers

Despite being thrown for a wild ride during their first year in business, a small Thorold flower shop is working up new ideas while the staff is hustling to keep up with the demand.

Creekview Floral owner Lydia Rekrut said she and her husband and business partner Michael, also a paramedic for the region, were caught off-guard by an unusually busy spring season, after taking over from the Yellow Flower Basket last year.

"We are full steam ahead," said Rekrut in an interview with

"We were kind of expecting the normal standard for the floral business. After the Christmas holidays, it's usually kind of quiet until you hit Valentines."

As it would turn out, things would instead go the other way.

Rekrut said soon-to-be-married couples are turning to her small business for arrangements and bouquets to light up their ceremonies. Prior to Wednesday's announcements, five-person outdoor ceremonies were allowed to take place.

"It seems like people are still rolling with the punches when they are getting married, but things are changing quickly. We have a wedding planned for Friday, and I don't know how many versions of that ceremony we have done yet."

That demand is expected to continue, as a wave of post-pandemic parties and celebrations is likely to sweep the region.

But it isn't just preparing for ceremonies like weddings that are keeping Creekview Floral busy. With more pandemic downtime at home, people are looking to beautify their spaces, and getting some of the store's locally sourced houseplants onto desks and windowsills.

"It's investing in your home and putting some enjoyment into everyday life," Rekrut said.

The recipe to success has been the support from the local community, which she says the store has felt on a grand scale.

"It has been a really great welcome from our Thorold community. We have had people, even young people, come by and say that they are here to support local. Since we also live here, spend local, and employ local, it is really nice to see, it is really helping us."

For Creekview, the pandemic has been about giving back, too. Last year, Cobblestone Gardens residents could enjoy some of the couple's creations to lighten the mood. 

New business ventures are also coming up for the store.

Ahead of mother's day, the store will be launching a subscription service for a monthly flower bouquet.

"The focus will be really on locally sourced product. It will be a way for us to showcase the best of Niagara, while also supporting local growers and farmers." 

Visit Creekview's Facebook Page or website for more updates.