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City council considers asking Brock for money to handle costs from rowdy student parties

'I think we need to ask Brock for a financial contribution to offset our costs,' councillor says
brock university stock
Brock University in Thorold.

Should Brock University make payments to the city of Thorold to offset the costs from massive student parties and vandalism?

That solution is being eyed by Thorold city council.

The issues in the student-dense Winterberry/Juneberry area have been high on the agenda following a string of rowdy parties, putting strain on bylaw officials, police officers and residents, who have been facing off with hundreds of late-night partiers causing both disturbances and vandalism in the area.

After looking at how other university towns are handling similar issues, Thorold city council is now considering asking the university for voluntary payments to help pay for things like increased patrols, parking enforcement, repairs and more.

Despite condemnation from Brock over rowdy student behaviour, some councillors don’t think the actions are sufficient.

“The letters are very nice,” said Coun. Anthony Longo.

“There’s a lot of words but not a lot of action. I think we need to ask Brock for a financial contribution to offset our costs.”

A similar solution was created in Kingston, where large unsanctioned gatherings have caused a stir.

“As you know, we get nothing from Brock or the province to house all the students in Thorold, and I think we have to ask them directly for money” said Longo.

The inquiry is expected to be raised at the Town & Gown-committee meeting next week.

Ludvig Drevfjall

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