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2022 Ontario Sunshine List: Who makes what at City Hall?

19 of the top 29 earners at the City of Thorold are firefighters
Thorold City Hall

The 2022 Ontario Sunshine List has been released and one thing’s for certain: it pays to be a firefighter in Thorold.

The annual Sunshine List discloses the salaries of Ontario’s public sector employees who make $100,000 or more, shedding light on what it pays to work for the city.

19 of the top 29 earners employed by the City of Thorold in 2022 were part of the Thorold Fire Department.

Leader of the pack is Fire Captain Barry Smith who took home $154,131.73. He is closely followed by Fire Captain Tyler Custers who made $153,954.78 and Fire Captain Kurt Wilkinson who earned $149,576.19. 

Fire Chief Terry Dixon closes out the top four with $146,280.09. The 15 other firefighters, who made $100,000 or more, took home anywhere between $106,000 and $141,000.

The highest paid employee over at City Hall is still Chief Administrative Officer Manoj Dilwaria who earned $197,867.51.

All other City Hall employees on the list made below $150,000.

The Director of Finance Maria Mauro took home $145,896.64 and the Director of Operations and Community Services Geoff Holman earned $145,128.94. Meanwhile, the newly appointed Director of Development Services Jason Simpson made $124,835.58.

The salaries aren’t that unexpected for a city of Thorold’s size. Firefighters in comparable positions in St. Catharines make notably more, sometimes even surpassing the $200,000 mark.

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