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Fraud callers targeting area numbers, NBOTAC warns

Poses as Revenue Canada, threatens legal action

Businesses in Niagara will soon get a warning from the Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce after scammers posing as Revenue Canada has made calls to area numbers.

Board chair John D’Amico says he has gotten at least four fraud-calls in the last couple of weeks and says he found that the scammers are hiding behind a thin veil.

“I saw that it was a foreign number that I didn’t recognize. I called him out on the scamming, and said ‘Why are you doing this to people?’ but as soon as you start questioning them, they hang up,” said D’Amico to Thorold News.

Having seen the devastating effects fraudsters can have on vulnerable and elderly people, he says the board will send out a notice to its members, reminding them to be cautious when getting unsolicited business calls.

“Don’t give out any of your personal information unless you have verified who you are talking to. Ask to hang up and call the institution they say they are from.”

See this link for advice from the CRA on how to handle these kinds of calls.